Managed Remote Resources More Productive Than in-house Teams – HOW?

Several businesses and employers in the 21st century are opting for managed remote resources, primarily because it offers transparency and higher productivity. Give it a thought- when you run a company, what will you look for in your team? Now, what if you are availed of everything under a single umbrella of service? Throughout the years, there has been a notion that remote resource management is less efficient. Also, a survey mentioned that 86% of the remote resources managed are more productive than the in-house teams.

Also, there are instances where it networks reported remote resources put in 6–7 more work hours effectively every week. There is a reason why 70% of enterprises are looking for cloud managed services, serving a testament to its success and popularity. The in-house team is secured a bunch of employees who waits for the payday and get routine stuff done. Managed remote resources are always running in the sprint cycle with a set of tasks assigned to a deadline. The whole idea is to measure the work and not the number of hours that significantly differentiate the resources. The key lies in managing remote support, and here is how to manage remote teams effectively.

Measure outcomes, not hours
One of the most annoying things for any manager is to feel lesser control over staff, and this is because of that outcome matters. But you don’t need to monitor every move of your employees to have an active, efficient team. The remote work providers are already following the top tips for managing a remote team. Moving to a virtual team means shifting your focus on results outside hours of service or activity level. This is particularly relevant for groups who may have additional duties to juggle, primarily if they work from home where the exact amount of hours working or the time slots available for team members differ.

The remote team workers are great at setting goals based on the performance as they calculate progress solely based on that.

Smooth Communication
Managed remote services have no connectivity issues with other team members. We live in a digital age, in which apps such as Zoom and Skype have become the basic methods of communication. Such technologies succeeded in bridging the distance, making contact so simple as a cup of coffee. Furthermore, hiring remote-controlled staff is also a bonus because they operate according to your working hours, making the workflow smooth and efficient. With the set of tools and resources at their disposal, the remote workers can report you any issues and help you resolve concerns quickly.


Remote management is more effective in churning productive outcomes as it is required to report to higher authorities. Such authorities or the resource facilitator guarantees that the controlled remote employee meets the customer guidelines. The entire cycle, beginning with recruiting a remote employee, is carefully streamlined to deliver work to the company. The managed team partners ensure that work is carried out consistently. Within the predefined timeline, The productivity shoots because the established remote team systems are configured to manage resources better that delivers an output that matters.

Productive remote working is a guarantee when hiring resources as they obey a strict NDA. This document commands the trust backed by experts at the projected disposal to ensure organizations that their remote workers are comfortable and committed to their clients, as they care about relationships, credibility, and affiliation with their customers. This is mostly because they have to make progress in industry, and the path to success is ethical. Managed remote resources operate on just one project at a time, giving the business a complete emphasis.

Use the right tools
There are a plethora of tools and devices that facilitate distance working and collaborating. The critical thing is to carefully consider and use what best fits your unique criteria and team culture.

Many organizations are already using cloud-based collaboration devices. Businesses shouldn’t reinvent the wheel if the team has already implemented a virtual communication device. Try to do what works to preserve coherence and leave the rest on experts who are good at fulfilling client requirements.

Higher Satisfaction
Most remote employees experience includes greater satisfaction, greater flexibility, and comparatively less stress. Hiring managed remote employees means signing up for truckloads of efficiency while being cost-effective. Organizations can increase the resource if needed, and the remote resources are therefore responsible for any delays or errors. It is said that a parent organization manages remote workers to avail of higher profitability and other company benefits.

It can get quite overwhelming for companies who have never experienced the power of outsourcing work offshore. Your remote staff management can lead your project better with the changing world and work dynamics post-COVID-19. Reach out to our team of outsourcing experts and get started with a new experience that unlocks productivity.

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