7 Things Teachers Wish Education Institution IT Support Staff Would Do

This blog discusses many topics that contemporary teachers wish their school’s information technology support staff would do. They are not grievances – teachers appreciate the assistance they receive from IT managed services support. Rather than that, they represent IT opportunities to enhance teachers, administration, and students’ support to ensure a smooth learning experience.

1. Democratizing the password reset

Passwords are the bane of a teacher’s computer room visits. Students often create the password in the first lesson of the year only to forget those later.  

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They then forget not only their passwords but also the location of where they wrote them down (as they try to be secretive). An instructor will have to spend the first twenty minutes of the next lesson logging everybody in. Then there are the astute students who “forget” their passwords to avoid a trip to the IT support office to have them reset and thus get a break from the lesson. Which, sadly, can result in a flood of “required” password resets. 

Thus, allowing teachers to resend the password independently would eliminate many such issues with IT-managed services support.

2. Enabling teachers to access and edit files from another system

Staff these days will get a personal computer which they can use at home, rather than having to use a school computer in the classroom. This makes it difficult for these teachers to telecommute because they must visit the office regularly. 

If teachers could use their computers at home, they could make more money, and/if they could work from home without having to worry about their files being compromised, they could gain more money (yes, it happens). For students, this would encourage them to use their computers during the day.

3. Remote file access to teachers and students

Tom observes that most students have computer access at home. However, it is often the case that they lack a printer. It seems that “I don’t have a printer” is one of the top ten most used reasons for not sending in homework. Additionally, due to viruses, USB sticks cannot be used to bring in homework. Teachers are also prohibited from using the school email account to collect student homework due to security issues. 

However, if students could remotely control their school’s home drives, this problem would be resolved with IT-managed services support. They could save their assignments directly to their school’s internal hard drive. And, once the teacher is back at school, they can print it.

4. Periodic checkup or mouse and keyboard 

Not unexpectedly, some of his students get frustrated with him and go on the keyboards and mice to vent their annoyance with classes. Interfering with minor overall benefit common problems are most prevalent in co-ed computer rooms, particularly when dealing with lessons conducted on a shared or individual computer system.

5. Get the computers to update at night

Of course, updates are required. Updated security and anti-virus and anti-malware defense. However, cannot they occur at night? Not within the first thirty minutes of the day’s first computer-based lecture. 

It seriously impairs a teacher’s capacity to impart education. After securing their students in the highly sought-after computer space, the first portion of the lesson is skipped due to the machines automatically running available upgrades.

6. Providing students’ backup file access to teachers

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Any teacher can discover that some students struggle with opening and saving their assignments – a frequent occurrence is saving a blank paper over the previous lesson’s work. This requires a visit to the IT help office, where the student’s last update will be restored using IT managed services support. If an instructor could do this, he or she would save a tremendous amount of time.

7. Providing staff with afterschool training for basic programs

Not all teachers possess the requisite computing skills to assist students effectively with their computer-based learning. As a result, it would benefit everyone if IT support staff could provide some basic computing training after hours to assist teachers who struggle with technology in supporting their students more effectively. 

As a supplier of an IT service management (ITSM) platform widely used in educational institutions, expandFORCE sees immediate solutions to many teachers’ demands. But first and foremost, it is essential to remember that assistance is already available. Perhaps most significantly, technology helps teachers perform their duties more effectively and improves IT support staff’s lives. 

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