Delivering Efficiency with Managed IT – A Guide to Managed Services

Anyone using a computer knows how frustrating it is when it doesn’t operate as expected for that computer. It affects profitability adversely for a company. You could be wasting a lot of money on nothing if you don’t have the support system to alleviate the technology issues. We talk about how being proactive keeps your technology, and your business, running smoothly in this article. 

Although automated processes help streamline and improve users’ experience, not every problem can be resolved without human involvement. For example, take a failed hard drive that shows signs of dying months before it actually fails. The symptoms are often concealed in the log files of the case. Long before an employee knows their laptop would not boot, our systems would detect a failing hard drive; in this situation, an engineer will check the log files and warn the correct channels to order a new hard drive and migrate the user’s data until it fails. 


How can your company save money? MSPs avoid expensive downtimes, lose efficiency, possible reputational harm from data breaks, and improve employee morality by avoiding problems before they arise. Moreover, because the hardware takes longer and performs better than hardware that’s not handled in the same constructive way, it won’t always be necessary to upgrade equipment; and you don’t have to pay your employees every time a piece of technology fails to twitch around their thumbs. 

Cost of Break/Fix Against Managed Services 

The Break-Fix model refers to only calling when there is a problem or when an update is required in skilled IT services. Although this may sound logical to others, the truth is that the risks greatly outweigh the benefits. For a consultation, repairs completed, and hourly labor, the Break-fix model, charges users. Budgeting for unexpected problems is difficult, and there is no real way to know whether you are paying a fair amount. There are still no proactive steps being taken to avoid potential issues, so you are leaving yourself vulnerable to surprise expenditures with Break-Fix. 

With the model Break-Fix, no preventive steps are included. The idea is that on a case-to-case basis, experts are called in; there is no guarantee that they can do anything to keep you from contacting them again. Why, as it would go against their whole business model, would they? 

Managed IT services provide the company with a way to keep the technologies up and running efficiently, boosting productivity gains, profitability, and overall operational performance. 

Proactivity Is Central to Managed Services 

Until little problems convert into organizational problems, the central tenet of managed IT services is to act. This positive attitude is why the service retains so much importance. In fact, did you know that when you have no problems, MSPs make a profit? From the outset, our constructive approach ensures that strategic alignment is there. 

Companies with less than 200 employees seldom expect In-house IT staff. Even the most challenging businesses can exploit an office manager or a tech-savvy assistant to provide key execs with “plug and play” level features. Getting qualified professionals to leverage the benefits of managed IT services enable continuous tracking of business milestones constantly track and handle your IT company at a fraction of the costWorking with a managed IT security services provider helps you prioritize decisions that produce income rather than needless money. 

Applying and Installing Patches and Updates 

A robust patch management program is another proactive service that IT Support Guys offers. Using updated software is more critical than ever for a company. One of the key causes of data breaches was technological vulnerabilities. A data breach could put your information at risk, including your customers’ and employees’ confidential and personal data. With the negative circumstances surrounding data breaches, the long-term survival of your company must patch the apps. 

We also built a resource that gives you everything you need to know about developing an effective patch management strategy and why patch management is important for removing business vulnerabilities. 

For an organization that depends on its IT, malfunctioning systems can be expensive, both in repair and loss of downtime efficiency. When the company decides to outsource its IT assistance, it gains access to various resources designed to reduce downtime and keep the technology running for you. 

Next, we’ll speak to company owners and workers about the importance of a help desk, as well as other types of IT support. 

Providing Support 

Above, we defined the difference between proactively tracking and handling technology between break/fix and controlled IT service to ensure fewer interruptions. Traditionally, if a device, a router, or any other piece of hardware failed in your company, you would take it to a break/repair store where they would fix it at their leisure. This issue is alleviated by the managed services approach of remotely controlling and repairing hardware. Under the managed services arrangement, this service applies to any machine. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery 

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Another critical factor in preserving your business data is the correct amount of redundancy and the ability to restore redundant data to the information systems you rely on. Cloud systems normally have built-in replication, but a robust data backup and recovery system are needed in place if you want to run your own hardware. 

As part of a managed IT services contract, providers appear to assume that while on-site data back-up is working best when data is needed to be recovered more quickly, cloud-based redundancy preserves data if a catastrophe affects the brick and mortar venue. A networked BDR system that pushes data versions into the cloud is the perfect way to back up data for every organization. 

Our mission is simple: to be America’s most customer-focused IT company for small and medium businesses, to create a place where consumers can leverage their company’s passion for technology. We allow your team to concentrate on your core competencies, leave IT to the experts, remove single points of failure and ensure that staff are efficient and benefit from excellent user experiences. Finally, operating with an MSP enables the organization to benefit internally from the perfect combination of mature and new technologies at a lower cost than possible. 

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