How expandFORCE enable enterprise with IT Infrastructure Support Services

IT technical support services are built to ensure the onsite, cloud, or hybrid IT environment’s strength and performance. There is a dire need for complete IT solutions in business that enable the enterprise to leverage technology consultancy, design, configuration, monitoring, management, optimization, support desk, and cloud migration services. expandFORCE provides IT technology support services that maintain the highly accessible, stable, secured, and enhanced infrastructure for quick integration.

24/7 IT Infrastructure Help Desk Management

Get the 24/7 IT support service as expandFORCE provides IT infrastructure desk services allowing onsite and remote help desk architecture for development and management. The IT infrastructure and support services can give your business user group a single 24/7 contact point to respond to all technical requests coupled with the ability to respond to your other IT requests.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Services

Our custom IT infrastructures simplify user management for day-to-day access management and redefine security protocols to offer businesses with other company IT services. You can also avail of different database services, large-scale data migration of data, backup and recovery, server configuration, and running network maintenance tasks.

Enterprise Business IT infrastructure Services

Getting the IT outsourcing solution in the USA can help establish and manage IT infrastructure for the enterprise. There are ways to pivot the secure technology networks such as emails and live meetings and the end-to-end collaboration infrastructure that facilitates real-time data sharing. Intranet, integrated messaging, document sharing, and video conferencing services allow your key personnel to function securely from a remote location as well. 

Network Infrastructure Support Services

A robust IT infrastructure would include dedicated network infrastructure services, including network design and planning, network audits, and ongoing support for TCP configuration for TCP / IP, virtual private networks, Storage Area Network (SAN), LAN/WAN, and media integrations. A 360-degree IT solution will also enable you to empower the onsite teams and those working from home with effective network device management and troubleshooting for routers, gateways, and firewalls.

Building an IT Infrastructure from the Ground Up

Enterprise often has a hard time managing their IT infrastructure and running daily activities that keep business pumping. This usually leaves them with difficulties and deficits which hinder overall operational performance. That’s when IT infrastructure support service can come in handy, enabling businesses to process refinements from ground level. You have to consider the available resources’ skills and opt for the staff augmentation service that fits your current IT infrastructure.

Our services at expandFORCE facilitate the deployment and management of a structured, effective, and diverse computing system built to carry out business operations that drive efficiency. The complete IT solution is aimed at helping technology strategy within the scope of the enterprise. It can offer you four critical variables that are designed to provide clean and dynamic computing infrastructure.

Battery Backup

Non-stop growth would require a non-stop power supply. And this is possible if you have 360-degree IT solutions for your business. Get a complete battery backup that works to protect your infrastructure. Events outside your control can be catastrophic if you’re not prepared for them. For example, a common occurrence, a power cut or fire incident, can turn your server off, shambling your IT within a fraction of seconds.

To protect critical hardware, choose expandFORCE IT infrastructure support service that can give your enterprise an uninterrupted power supply for devices that protect your sensitive hardware from potentially unexpected power surges.

Server Room Design

New technologies have radically changed the modern server room. You would possibly need to improve the property on which you intend to save your servers from securing your central computer infrastructure. The IT solution technicians understand the essential elements of building the ideal server room for your business. The expandFORCE technicians are familiar with industry best practices and have relationships with contractors and suppliers. Staff augmentation services for server room designing aim to achieve the desired result regardless, bearing all the challenges in the way.

Cable Management

Comprehensive cabling and wiring strategies are critical to building a safe and efficient office. Unfortunately, cables and wires are a must for any enterprise that wishes to use an all-embracing computer infrastructure. The key is to avoid the terrible confusion of lines, causing problems in the IT infrastructure and ending up eating unnecessary space that creates clutter. Adding or removing devices can be a headache for internal staff that may have to make a trade-off against productive inputs that add to revenue. The technicians are trained in following the best practices to handle cables for smoother, long-term operations effectively.

expandFORCE consulting technicians can acknowledge the working of your company. No matter how highly dependent your business is on the technology, they are trained to keep the entire system produces to help routine maintenance and reduce IT costs.


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