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What does your business need the most these days? If you want a hint, try imagining your business without the technology. Perhaps, you have relied on technology for way too many things than you can think of. The growing demand posed by the COVID-19 pandemic makes technology inevitable; perhaps, something that all your employees would need now. Many businesses are already allowing employees to work remotely, given the social distancing norms to follow. It is now that you will need a complete technology solution, something so holistic that you can have a one-stop-shop for all your requirements right from hiring staff online to ensuring custom software development.

A Complete technology solution will have your business covered. No matter the pandemic, government rules, or drastic economic shifts, your business backend will be least affected. At ExpandForce, we provide comprehensive technology and staffing services that help businesses perform better and create an impact.

Managed IT Staffing: We’d want you to stay focused on performing critical business operations, and the best way to do so is to opt for dedicated yet managed IT staffing services. ExpandForce enables you to empower your business with the right staff as we offer staffing services like a Service desk, cloud IT infrastructure, IT consulting and strategy, IT backup & recovery staff, and efficient storage management. What’s more, is that we help also help businesses stay compliant with adequate staffing solution that ensures business data protection.

Cloud computing

Another key aspect of leveraging managed IT staffing lies in enabling better ROI for your business as hiring and onboarding may prove way too time-consuming and exhausting on resource utilization.

IT Support Services: When was the last time you handled technology well enough without any hassles? Machines are supposed to work as per your command, but sometimes things can go haywire, and you may well need support. That’s where ExpandForce’s expertise in providing timely and effective IT services comes to the rescue.

We have the best-in-class, dedicated IT support service professionals helping your business with customized support to keep your technology on top. Remember, no matter the time zone you dwell in, we have our service staff at your disposal 24/7.

It Consultancy Expert:
Why overwhelm your business by reinventing the wheel with a dedicated HR team? Instead, hire top IT consultancy experts to get things done swiftly without the hassles of going through the hiring issues. Be it networking experts, QA professionals, or dedicated consultants, ExpandForce has a ready team of such IT experts that can help you with many business activities.

Hire top IT expert for web development and hosting services, QA testing, ensuring secured data migration, smooth server maintenance, and business intelligence.

Cloud Computing Expert: Get the enterprise-level technology for your business using cloud computing expert services as we deliver excellent cloud computing solutions. Most of the companies are looking to maximize technology with minimal workforce on-site. Bring in ExpandForce’s cloud computing expert, and you are bound to leverage the power of the private cloud that ensures scalability using proprietary architecture.

Also, our cloud computing experts can help you with cloud integration and migration. These are aimed to enable SaaS integration while also allowing you to overhaul the business environment that optimizes departmental contribution.

Offshore Staff Augmentation: Businesses are gradually opting for offshore staffing services to eliminate the need to occupy physical space due to COVID-19. The world has seen that working from home is quite a possible thing to do for some positions, and not everyone needs to be inside the office. The need-based working is the new normal due to the recent pandemic, and many businesses believe in getting things does while staying cost-effective.

What is better than getting a dedicated IT team onboard with full control over communication and project management? Get the dedicated team on your table at your native clock hours for project development. Our recruited team comprises skilled individuals who drive quality results on time.

Cyber security consultant: As more and more people are working from home, cybersecurity’s role becomes all the more critical. Businesses are working in a secured, structured network but the same goes missing when the employees work remotely. Smart businesses would want to avoid data breaches, cyberattacks, and other identity thefts as employees work from home.

Ensuring cybersecurity would mean effective risk management and top-notch networking activities without exposing personal information to the attackers. Hiring cybersecurity services with ExpandForce would mean safeguarding productivity and availing competitive advantage over others.

Custom Software Development: Tailoring quality software for your businesses can be a great way to excel and make the most out of technology. At ExpandForce, we are provided small and medium businesses with custom software development services that involve dedicated top talent for your software with the right tools and technology.

There’s a lot of back and forth as we consider your ideas with adequate brainstorming to ensure your business’s best software solution.

The Bottomline
We are here to shape the future of businesses with cutting-edge, holistic solutions. There are ways through which your business can attain great heights and one of which is to have the power of the complete business solution.

Why not try for yourself? Talk to our business solution experts to get started and give your business something that genuinely deserves significant growth.

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