The Upside of Using Email to Manage IT Support

Businesses these days are leveraging the power of managed IT support company that ensures business communication as it offers is fast, inexpensive, affordable, and readily available support. Email can be a significant advantage to companies because it enables the efficient and reliable transmission of all types of electronic data. 

One of the primary benefits of using email by the managed IT support company is the ease with which you can send electronic files such as text documents, images, and datasheets to several contacts simultaneously by adding the file to an email. Consult your internet company to determine whether there is a size restriction on the email attachments you can send. Additionally, some businesses can impose restrictions on the type and size of connections they accept. 

The upside of using email with the IT support services 

Via email, you will be more productive, more efficient, and ready to work in your company than ever before. The effective way to disseminate information and stay in touch with clients involves hiring managed IT support companies and keeping them updated. 

  • Affordable – Sending email costs the same regardless of the distance or number of recipients 
  • Fast – An email can reach its recipient within minutes, or at most a few hours 
  • Convenient – Your message will be stored before the recipient is ready to read it, and that you can easily send the same message to many people
  • Permanent – You can record messages sent and received by the managed IT support company to the customers and other email users.
  • Automatically creating the entries in your mailing list for each message you send or receive 
  • Automatically responding to incoming emails, for example, to confirm delivery of an order or notify people that you are on leave or out of the office.

How well can businesses use email? 

Most enterprises face significant difficulties when using email even after hiring a managed IT support company where they fail to blend in the IT help with reporting and insight, mainly because of the lack of content filters and campaign planning tools. 

If you have an email system, you could count items like the number of emails you have sent or have sent every month manually; you can perform operations like counting occurrences and making use of incidents. Perhaps they also represent your personal “lot.” Even though many managed IT support companies are concerned that some would be attracted to the lowest-hanging fruit out of an investigation, particularly individuals who have jobs lined up and ready to be performed but avoid things that take time. 

Emails are also bulky and provide information or details that cannot be organized easily for reporting, because of which they are challenging to deal with. A detailed analysis of the events and requests by a managed IT support company in New York or elsewhere will include understanding the level of difficulty that incident handling has caused, the relative frequency of the events, the costs of different incident categories, the incident weighting, and other departmental analysis data access and management measurements, and comparisons, and the rise and fall of incident patterns over time. 

And most importantly, know if the email system lacks modern reporting features such as dashboards. Lacking those other powerful capabilities will and will, of course, suffer from having very little data flexibility and being extremely poor at slicing and dicing, allowing you to find trends and making insights.

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Evolving IT Support beyond just Service Desk 

Are you empowered to identify and handle incidents and issues to maintain a high level of efficiency in your IT support? To track or record anything that happens, do you still have email on your systems? Are your email production skills good enough to address problems that kind of work?  

The goal is to stress the use of email for support, which is restricted, as with best practices, one may still be short of features in IT management, which goes by the name of IT Service Continuity and IT Service Management (ITSM). 

If you have read this blog and want to believe that you should use the corporate email system for IT support, augmenting it to address all the issues posed, then allow me to ask one final question: “Can you create your human resources or customer relationship management system without the help of managed IT support company?”  

Unless your response is an odd affirmation, you should indeed be applying the same as the managed IT support company offers “buy, not build” logic. This enables businesses to invest in fully match technology for IT support that is optimized for business needs (and is reliable), maximizes human efficiency through workflow and automation, provides a higher level of service to end-users, and provides deeper insight into development comprising and improvement opportunities. 

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