Dedicated Team Model: A Winning Approach to IT Outsourcing

Dedicated Team is a growing trend in the outsourcing industry that provides business solutions on demand. It’s a model where a client and a development company mutually decide on the workload and the project specifications. A development company provides IT outsourcing services that meet the client’s expected demands and requirements. We will complete the project with a committed team, and the contractor can have full cooperation over the project. The production company will provide support services to the team. The dedicated team works as a virtual in-house team for the client. 

The service providing development company must have a developed and specified course of action. The Construction Company is expected to manage the resources and assume responsibility for them in the same manner as defined by the client. The organization must guarantee the performance of the DTM to enhance the production of the end product. Most DTM’s send invoices weekly, offer straightforward pricing, and have a direct billing system.  

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Clients pay the IT outsourcing services provider a fixed amount annually, depending on how many team members they employ. The service provider takes care of all the necessary expenses such as the wages, facility charges, and other costs. 

This model is best suited for a project whose development specifications are uncertain initially; the scope is versatile and scalable. If the client’s developers have inadequate expertise in particular fields, it’s best to bring in a DTM with the appropriate skillsets to expand their development team. 

When to opt for a dedicated team model? 

You can consider using a dedicated team model in the following scenarios : 

  • To create long-term strategic relationships with a business software services provider. 
  • It would help if you had a full-time team with different skills and experience, but you cannot run the company. 
  • If you’re looking for a production team that’s high quality and has a low-cost, this is the perfect option. 
  • If your requirements or priorities can change during development or incompletion. 
  • If you have a project that has a tremendous scalability factor, a team approach that uses the same people with the same fixed billing is recommended. 

Here are the key features offered by a dedicated team of IT outsourcing companies 

  • The team is invested in my performance. 
  • The Service Provider offers training, where both a Project Manager and a Business Analyst may attend. 
  • The client will be interested in the production process himself if he wants to. 
  • Customers are responsible for the entire duration of the project. 
  • A timesheet will be given for each loop, documenting the tasks performed. 
  • The charges are recurring and invoiced on liability. 
  • The customer is actively active in all facets of a project. 

Benefits of implementing the Dedicated Team Model 

  • Provides an accurate process driven by outsourcing IT companies. 
  • Quality and competent project management team with a fair bid at a lower rate than average. 
  • No long-term properties, repairs, upkeep, startup costs, or taxes. 
  • An expansion of the team would have reduced overhead expenses and additional resources available. 
  • Why recruit from a vast pool of eligible IT professionals because we can choose based on your requirements. 
  • The new manager will have absolute control over the team structure and recruit and fire staff as he/she wishes. 
  • The transfer would be simple if conflicts or unforeseen problems arise during the transition. 
  • Developers of the project will master the technological requirements. This would significantly boost the overall quality of the project. 

If a Project Manager and a Business Analyst are working together, the project’s knowledge transfer can be facilitated, and the task’s conceptualization becomes more manageable and quicker. The developer will provide a thorough work estimate before starting the sprint in a later phase. 

The outsourcing of IT services companies can often bring an improved sense of proactiveness for the workers due to their jobs. This lead to regular contact with team members and the ability to consider their viewpoints. Moreover, the project management tool can track the overall development and provide extensive controls. 

How expandFORCE has organized settings for collecting the exact specifications of the clients. We make all efforts to ensure accountability and efficiency. We have a project management team with oversight of the project, and a project manager will be in regular communication with the client. We have a Business Analyst assigned to assist with each DTM project that we run. 

Our experience and the feedback we have received from our customers, DTM is the most effective project development model we have encountered. Our company manages 8 separate projects with team sizes ranging from 2 to 23; each project involves a mix of resources, including Web, Mobile, UI/UX, QA, and Project Management professionals. The dedicated team’s primary goal is to ensure successful and seamless team coordination with the client seamlessly. 

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