5 Factors That Affect the Cost of It Support and 3 Ways How expandFORCE Can Help

Regardless of the size of the business, success requires an effective and productive IT Support department. Managed services for IT are critical for maintaining control over IT systems and software. Additionally, they serve as frontline troops in cybersecurity, data management, and very complicated technical troubleshooting. However, budgeting for IT infrastructure can be challenging. Therefore, in this blog, we will examine the most frequent charges an organization incurs to give their internal team members an amazing customer service experience. 

If you have an in-house managed IT services system, this blog will assist you in determining the components that contribute to the overall cost of IT support. 

#1. Number of Employees to Support 

One of the most critical factors that can exponentially increase IT support’s cost is the number of employees your IT department supports. Be it a small business or more significant, with the increase in your employee count, more remarkable are the managed IT services needs and the need for direct support such as onboarding, offboarding, IT asset management, etc.  

#2. Additional Setup Costs 

If you’re installing ticketing software to keep records of all the issues presented by your team members, you’ve probably considered the cost of the program, as well as any implementation fees. Often, however, there are hidden costs – such as training expenditures – that purchasing teams overlook. Multiply this cost by the various forms of system infrastructure — software, hardware, cybersecurity, data management, and data storage – and your costs will quickly escalate in the absence of well-managed services. 

#3. Data Storage & Security 

With the growing demand for data protection, IT support always safeguards sensitive and personal data from unintentional data breaches. However, continuous and uninterrupted data protection comes at a cost that managed IT services can accommodate. Sensitive data must be maintained more securely, which results in increased expenses associated with firewalls, antivirus upgrades, access management, and governance compliance, among other things. Another significant cost factor is the onsite data storage solution, which is far more expensive than cloud servers. 

#4. System Upgrades 

Upgrades to your information technology infrastructure, as well as the replacement and re-deployment of information technology software and hardware, are significant obligations. These incur additional maintenance expenses and shutting down systems results in business interruption and increased expenditures due to business continuity. Both cloud-based and on-premise systems support maintenance and updates in the areas of bandwidth expansion and other routine improvements. However, with an on-premise system, the organization is responsible for managing server hardware and software, data backups, storage, and disaster recovery, among other things. 

#5. Round-the-Clock Support 

Unexpected challenges can develop at any time as firms move toward digitization. For example, a superior customer experience necessitates continuous customer service. However, providing IT assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is a costly proposition. Additionally, additional costs incurred due to a lack of processes and frequent physical visits by your staff to support desks build inefficient and wasteful resource utilization. 

3 Ways how expandFORCE can help 

#1. Swift Scalability 

ExpandFORCE is one of the leading IT managed services providers, and we only focus on growing your business. Customers no longer wait hours to be sanctioned more licenses or for their agents and workers to receive managed IT services deployments. With efficient computer resources, we can scale our business up and down to meet shifting demand. 

#2. Inclusive Setup Costs 

expandFORCE provides its products free of charge for onboarding and deployment. With no hidden IT services cost, each Help Desk includes expandFORCE’s managed IT services features, including clear and comprehensive training resources for administrators and agents. expandFORCE’s managed IT services streamline all IT Management operations by offering a range of price points and a cost-effective pricing plan that fits the budgets of businesses of all sizes. 

#3. Data Storage & Security 

expandFORCE is committed to providing robust security for all its customers and their data stored across all its products & services. With security a top priority, all your data is stored with approval and stored securely as a part of our managed IT security services. We have clear business continuity and disaster recovery plans as a part of robust managed IT services to ensure that the business never suffers from unprecedented occurrences.  

The IT support department plays a reactive role in the organization and a proactive role in curbing any potential IT problems. A practical and reliable IT support department is vital for a business across all phases of growth. But protecting your data and seeking help doesn’t have to be costly. If you are looking for ways to optimize your IT Support processes, reach out to one of our team of experts today! 

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