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expandFORCE is a cloud network that enables you to manage your enterprise entirely differently from using information technology. This cloud-based platform is entirely backed, simple to use, and highly cost-effective. Having expandFORCE for the IT cloud strategy at your small company is similar to bringing your business to the next level by streamlining your operations and focusing exclusively on business development. 

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expandFORCE’s practical functionality, combined with its user-friendly infrastructure and versatile functions, enables you to handle anything from the easiest to the most challenging tasks in a convenient and relaxed manner. 

Why should a small business opt for expandFORCE? 

The path to being large-scale to expand service offerings and scope starts with identifying and implementing the appropriate technology solutions. Cloud computing technologies have proven to be a significant disruptor and have been widely adopted by companies of all sizes. 

In comparison to on-premises technology, Cloud systems offer global connectivity, safe infrastructure, and cost savings. Here are the benefits that your small business can leverage with expandFORCE’s IT cloud strategy. 

  • Simplified Cloud-based Technology – With only a few taps, create your website and email. 
  • Efficient Office and Collaboration Tools – Collaborate effectively, exchange information quickly, and link the distributed employees. 
  • Preconfigured Safe & Private Cloud – Provides privacy and protection for your data via secure private virtual machines. 
  • Curated Applications Marketplace – Choose and purchase enterprise applications from an ever-growing catalog of applications, including CRM, content management systems, and human resource management tools. These blend with the IT cloud strategy hosted in protected cloud platforms and tailored to your specific needs. 
  • Single Sign-On – Single sign-on allows seamless access to all of the enterprise applications. 
  • Concierge IT Services – Ensure smooth implementation of Microsoft enterprise cloud strategy with a devoted staff managing hosting, servicing, and upgrades. 
  • Seamless User Interface – Beginner-friendly user experience enabled by Microsoft cloud strategy. 
  • Enhanced Accessibility – User mobility through white-labeled mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. 
  • Round-the-clock technology assistance – A highly committed support staff is available via email, live chat, and phone. 

How will expandFORCE Help your Business? 

Small companies must be highly effective and economical in their project execution. They will increase their productivity and performance by partnering with expandFORCE.  

We, at expandFORCE, enable project teams to complete tasks more quickly with a hybrid multi-cloud strategy, regardless of how or where they work. The IT cloud strategy connects geographically distributed teams as they collaborate on planning, task management, allocating, monitoring, and document management, among other functions. 

Collaborative Workplace 

  • Collaborate with the whole team. (i.e., internal, external, remote, and dispersed team members) 
  • A virtual workspace enables more integrated project planning and more efficient workstreams. 
  • Manage, share, and sync the current IT cloud strategy with members’ calendars 
  • Assists individual team members in meeting commitments by providing personal task lists and deadline reminders 
  • Conduct online meetings 
  • Centralized data, documents, and connections allow cross-team collaboration. 
  • Access virtual workspace to view project information 

Automated Planning and Scheduling 

  • Create virtual project teams as a part of public cloud strategy, including geographically dispersed members (internal, external, remote, and distributed team members).
  • Improve the definition and management of project requirements.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting services for SMBs 

Data Security 

Cloud hosting services address the storage problem and address the SMB’s security concerns and safeguard confidential data. IT cloud strategy will have the systems to assume responsibility for the organization’s overall technology security without jeopardizing data integrity. Cloud service providers are now investing heavily in their security infrastructure and developing products with functionality that enhance safety and strengthen the architecture. 

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Small-to-medium business (SMB) and large corporate servers are critical for managing, securing, and altering data almost all of the time. This tool helps companies monitor changes that help small businesses keep track of their essential data, empowering them to return to their original state. 

Improved Collaboration 

Small companies can market, promote, and possibly focus their efforts by allowing workflows to existing in the cloud. At the same time, there is no requirement for organizations to be located in the same country or even continent to work together while operating from the cloud. 

Today, cloud hosting is a significant technology development that will impact the small business sector as well. If you are an SMB looking to lead on the latest and most excellent managed cloud services, consider expandFORCE’s enterprise cloud strategy to help drive business growth with better collaboration. 

It is a good fit for companies with minimal resources to invest in expanding and a stable platform. expandFORCE gives you all the cross-purpose capacity and flexibility in the cloud, empowering the employees to perform at their highest levels. 

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