Increased Collaboration for Offshore Teams

Some businesses are currently working with or thinking about hiring the offshore team that they inevitably work through or try to understand the daily work pace. It is a widespread problem that can escalate to the point of anxiety if not handled with care.

With modern business approaches, particularly for the offshoring industry, many small and medium-sized companies and large corporations find new ways to accomplish shared goals, irrespective of regional/geographic boundaries, time-zones, or cultural differences. The goal is to collaborate better with the right tools and hiring the right set of people who know how to get things done while putting their expertise to best use.

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The best way to grow fast is through a hybrid model where small and medium businesses can hire expert offshore IT staff and blend it with their existing onshore team. But this would need both the teams to be at their best with the right collaboration. Here are some quick tips to ensure increased cooperation for offshore teams.

Conduct Meetings, Regularly
Any manager in the workplace would like to check in with the team daily. Again, your offshore teammate shouldn’t differ. If you have a daily team or group meetings, make sure the offshore individual is included, and all-company meetings should be the same (even though they work for a vendor).

When you choose the offsite staffing services, you have control over your resources. You can have the offshore team following your company rules and regulations regardless of where they operate. When you do that, expect better results! Keep daily meetings so your colleague knows that they can answer your questions and won’t be scared. If you are dealing with an offshore partner like ExpandForce, you do not need to worry when it comes to staff following your company rules. Schedule your calls and meetings with the team, and we ensure offering a greater collaboration at all verticals.

Create trusting relationships
The nature and characteristics of interactions can be determined by fostering a cooperative and trustful relationship between onshore and offshore teams. It is essential to try to get to know the offshore team beyond their face value and dive into their past experiences and technological abilities before interacting with new people. That’s when you will blend the mutual benefits of your onsite team with the offsite staff.

Trust is required to maintain successful collaboration. To gain this trust, behavior, relationships, and culture must be aligned. Interacting with members of their internal social network will also allow them to appreciate their skills. This often provides an insightful and honest account of someone’s capacity rather than the opinion of a project review or managers. When you do this, the staff will become a part of your company culture and cease feeling like an outsider, providing you with an opportunity to gauge their strengths and understand weaknesses.

Training for Offshore and Onsite Staff
Cohesively blending employee awareness with adequate training can help you achieve desirable results. You can opt for co-partnered training with onshore staff and an offshore team that provides opportunities to narrow cultural gaps and strengthens the partnership and understanding between the teams. Training shows improvement in workers’ outputs that can pay dividends in terms of higher production and retention.

Most businesses follow the standardized training programs, and that provides offshore and onshore team members the same training opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge they deserve. We are always ready for such boosting sessions as ExpandForce conducts regular training for the staff to keep them abreast with the latest happenings and technology. Let your onsite be a part of this blended session connected through Skype, video conferences, or local training to leverage staff and learn for business growth.

Effective Workflow Management

Regardless of where and how the working occurs, there are no legit excuses for our modern working environment not to have some workflow management solution. With so many tools and integration techniques at disposal, no to-do list is sophisticated enough for the team not to track and gauge the work.

Moreover, tasks must be visible for everyone in the team, and each team member must be able to communicate priorities and to record who changes what. ExpandForce uses all Microsoft products to bind the offshore team with your onsite staff. Remember to keep both teams under a single umbrella of the workflow to map the individual outputs adequately. Discuss the tools and technology you intend to use or are currently using to manage outputs.

Our team at ExpandForce emphasizes spending time, money, and other resources to cultivate trust in both the teams so that they can operate and collaborate like a family. Work collaboration takes the front seat when you choose us. Our initial efforts are directed at leveraging the gap between the team rather than considering it an issue (which is what many managers are made to believe). As our processes are completed continuously at their highest level, this line can only begin to blur until it eventually vanishes by the time you get into the project’s peak pint point.

Consult ExpandForce experts to onboard the offshore team that adds value to your existing team.

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