Offshoring companies rise to the challenge during uncertain times

While corporations in almost every industry were forced to pivot to survive, course, strategy, and even product, outsourcing businesses often had to move and change with the times. Coronavirus has forever altered the corporate climate, and companies outsourcing business processes have played a vital role in helping enterprises adjust to the new landscape. 

Fortunately, the Philippines’ outsourcing industry’s very existence ensures that suppliers were better positioned to survive but prosper during the pandemic than others. Outsourcing firms are also ahead of the curve for creative thinking, agile approaches, and state-of-the-art technology. 

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Given the size, investment, and risk potential involved in beginning outsourcing projects, a quick fix is not just a good one to get. It is a must. We are well aware of the potential for substantial savings by outsourcing. However, often businesses encounter hurdles, get wrapped up in complexities, or go wrong. Outsourcing projects can and can fail without proper advice, preparation, and management. 

Outsourcing failure stories is Google’s keyword, and a messy public divorce can have catastrophic implications. In our experience, offshore outsourcing help organization, unless they strictly follow the following steps, would almost certainly fail to understand the advantages of outsourcing: 

  • Plan and handle the outsourcing process properly. 
  • Set up an efficient mechanism of governance. 
  • The potential commercial and legal risk is managed. 
  • Obtain ample outsourcing experience and insight. 
  • Maintaining power and closely connecting all operations to the objectives. 

Take the office locations

Being located in a part of the world where accidents that arise naturally frequently rear their head means we had disaster recovery plans that made a simple and efficient transition with minimal downtime to a remote working model. 

A study of staff productivity has shown that team members have managed to perform, even with the pressures of working from home. In several ways, demand for offshore support services has risen based on how rapidly and efficiently the transition to remote working has been introduced. 

Prioritizing data security 

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While some outsourcing firms may be concerned about work-from-home arrangements, our staff members already operate in a stable, centrally controlled cloud-based environment and have access limitations unique to their device, working hours, and location. They can also access the applications and data needed for their job, and productivity management helps share workloads and boost efficiency with workers spread across different locations. 

As yet another test of our COVID-19 responses, the protection framework was revised to reflect the new IP position and the access restrictions once remote working arrangements had been enforced and computers transferred to staff addresses. 

Driving the people-first approach 

Another priority was facilitating a productive, engaged, and happy workforce in the midst of such significant change. One thing which has become apparent during this time is that members of the management team need to treat each employee more than ever as the special people they are. Several live alone. Some have kids in need of home-schooling. Others share their current ‘offices’ with associates, other family members, or housemates who also work from home. While consumers’ needs are still top of mind, we are increasingly conscious that employee members face their challenges and are inspired by various rewards. 

In handling workers, versatility and creativity are just as relevant as how they deliver to customers. Fun and morale-building are essential components of the online team meetings, and managers take the time to check in on people more often. 

Enable the power of Offshoring 

The pandemic-driven issues are yet to be resolved. Businesses are now seeing companies growing their teams based in the USA and elsewhere in the world. As offshore outsourcing workers concentrate increasingly on high-value activities such as business growth and sales, in these difficult times, outsourcing firms are stepping up to take over the administrative, routine, and transactional tasks that are necessary but add less value to companies. 

No one can guess what the next 12 months will bring, as was the case at the start of the year. However, what is recognized is that offshore support service providers have adapted to the new reality and continue to provide organizations with quality service and help ensure that they recover from the pandemic and do so more powerfully than ever before. 

If you want to find out more about the kinds of offshore jobs that can help your organization reach the next level, talk to experts at expandFORCE who can help your business navigate in the right direction. 

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