Why Choose Our Offshore Team of Dedicated Developers?

The only way to create a program or application for your company was to outsource a project. Nowadays, corporations tend to have their offshore software development center operating with several software developers. ODC is like getting your own office in any other country with a dedicated software development team. 

It is economic rather than indefinitely recruiting a software development team or outsourcing the project. Also, an offshore software development firm has several other advantages that draw enterprises to opt for it. Eight of them are here: 

Less infrastructure cost and other expenses 

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It is not easy to set up an office and then hire a team for offshore software development services; it takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. You will eliminate the difficulty of finding a physical place to set up an office for your workers using offshore software development services.  

Besides, you can lower the cost of maintenance, lower high operating costs, and lower recruiting costs when you hire an offshore software development company to carry out specialized tasks—furthermore, no need to think about operating expenses or legal or financial enforcement. 

Dedicated development team model cost 

Budget is also crucial for most growing businesses, particularly startups, when recruiting a software development team. You may use offshore software development in a variety of ways. When you work with a reputable offshore software development company like expandFORCE, you have full control over the development team you employ.  

After interviewing the applicants who fit your project requirements, the provider can share their profiles with you and hire the best ones. You can employ professional and seasoned developers at a low by way of choosing offshore software development services. Besides, you will settle on their project positions, duties, and work schedules. It’s close to getting a full-fledged office, except it’s all interactive. 

Focus on your core business 

Hiring offshore software development services can help you pivot in-house resources for undertaking core business activities instead of worrying about creating software. There’s no need to waste time and resources maintaining your IT department separately from the rest of your infrastructure. Focus on growing your company and improving your services while the offshore development company performs diligently on your project. 

On-demand setup 

Opting to hire an offshore software development service provider can help you gain the flexibility to include services, such as computer systems, for your specifications or configuration. The supplier of offshore construction services will arrange it exactly as you want. You should launch your project as quickly as possible. 

Time Savings 

Seeking, evaluating, and hiring the best independent contractors for the work takes time. Furthermore, if you want your freelance team to have a better chance of achieving the results you want, you’ll need to employ a project manager. With a committed team for offshore software development, all of it can be avoided. You can get things going quicker with the committed team model, and work among team members goes more smoothly. 

Project Transparency 

Transparency in this sense means having the authority to recruit qualified people, decide their positions and responsibilities of a position, track progress, and monitor team success in real-time. It’s almost as if you had a packed software developer on staff at your physical location. 

Access to world-class talent 

Many countries have a strong reputation in the IT sector and a pool of highly qualified technical experts. By deciding on those countries as the location for your offshore software development services provider, you will be able to find the most skilled and competent people for your project. Custom software development, big data analytics, cloud storage, round-the-clock development and repair, app testing, hosting, and other resources are all available with an offshore software development company. 

Timely Shipping 

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Delivering a project on time is a requirement of the contract, and a reputable offshore construction services company will never fail to do so. In other terms, you should be assured that your project will be completed on time. Every stage of the project is completed on time, from concept to development to testing to implementation. You should also keep track of the team’s success and daily progress to ensure continuity. 

Time to market 

An offshore software development firm does not require you to spend hours or days finding the right infrastructure or recruiting the experts to improve your program. This leads to a quicker phase of growth, which decreases market time. Simply put, you can start your project on the market quickly. 

Bottomline – When managing a larger project, a committed team is a great option and always the “right” choice. Furthermore, offshore teams have cost advantages over in-house developers that local outsourcing firms can not while retaining excellent connectivity and efficiency. 

expandFORCE has fantastic offshore committed teams ready to take on the next project! Our plans include a full-time developer and much joint software development, QA, design, and other professionals. With our offshore software development company, you’ll have access to a diverse group of professionals who can handle a wide range of projects. 

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