How Can the Future of Work Impact the Scope of Project Manager’s Involvement?

We are at the start of what experts refer to as the “Third Wave of the Digital Age”—the point at which critical trends in business and industry take hold of society and today’s innovators and change agents mount their horses to transform the world completely. 

It occurred during the Industrial, Transportation, and Communication Ages, as well as the Digital Age. Each of these evolutions had one thing in common: IT project management services. The software development discipline acted as the vehicle for transition and will continue to do so as you navigate future career changes. 

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Future of project management: Jobs 

According to PMI, companies will require approximately 88 million individuals in project-related activities by 2027. Thus, globally, there is an increasing demand for project managers. 

While PMI is an organization for project managers anticipating their group’s importance, their statistics should be interpreted accordingly. 

The IT project management services function has long shifted away from someone who can check off completed tasks on a Gantt chart and toward a strategic leadership position responsible for IT project management as a service within a company. 

Project management has always been referred to as the “accidental profession.” The reason for this was that there were no degrees or educational courses available in project management; instead, you studied law, architecture, marketing, medical, or business. When you were hired, you were assigned to work on projects involving legal processes, building design, construction, or marketing campaign creation. In other words, you were engaged in productive endeavors. 

Hybrid Project Management: The Next Step for Agile 

One of the program management trends we are witnessing is a growing embrace of hybrid management approaches. 

Hybrid project planning has existed for centuries. It is almost transparent that someone employed this approach: continuous iterations for production with extensive customer participation at all stages yet controlled inside a waterfall governance framework and life cycle. 

Hybrid vehicles are not new. However, there appears to be a trend toward understanding IT project management services that promote agile methodologies such as Scrum in conjunction with a hybrid framework. 

The rise of hybrid program management is beneficial because:  

  • Projects are more complex than ever. 
  • They involve a more significant number of individuals: more than a multi-skilled Scrum team can comfortably accommodate; and 
  • Most large organizations are not equipped to run their entire operation in an agile manner and, therefore, would require IT services project management.

Even if you envisage a career as an artist, mechanic, or philosopher and lack the motivation or aptitude for management, project management may nevertheless have an impact on your career. With technology permeating every element of life, the velocity of change will only accelerate, and if you are unable to manage IT project management services, pandemonium will ensue. In any undertaking, personal or professional, core project management features can help you adapt to our ever-changing world. Several examples include the following: 

  • Time Management: One resource in life granted just once cannot be replaced and is incalculably valuable: your time. How do you manage and safeguard your time so that its worth is maximized? One of the key tenets of project leadership is handling time effectively with IT project management services —a skill that can benefit anyone in any endeavor. 
  • Organization and Discipline: As the world changes exponentially, it is necessary to maintain organization and discipline to handle it. Unmanaged transformation results in anarchy. Managed change entails being opportunistic, timely, and delivering inside stakeholders’ “value window.” This is another critical skill for project management for IT services that may be learned by understanding and applying project management methodologies. 
  • Effective communication: We live in a world where effective communication is critical to success. You have a better understanding of your ideas because of the communication process. You begin to see the advantages and flaws of your arguments and acquire the skills necessary to prove and solidify your thoughts and convictions. Project management is concerned with interactive communication between sender and receiver to ensure that the information is conveyed and responds appropriately. It is a form of persuasion that packs a punch. 

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Digital Skills: The Next Competency for Project Managers 

Digital skills are critical for future project managers (and, to be honest, for those of us currently working as project managers). 

According to the CBI’s report on what it takes to build a world-leading innovation economy, it is critical to upskill individuals with digital capabilities. However, the pipeline of digital skills is not fantastic now, and they propose that more must be done to foster more ambition in that field. 

Similar issues are explored in IT project management services PMI’s research, The Project Manager of the Future: Developing digital-age program management abilities to succeed in disruptive times (2018) with IT project management services. 

The following digital skills are critical for project managers:  

  • Data analysis, analytics, and management 
  • Security and data protection 
  • Legal and regulatory compliance 
  • Online collaboration and leadership 
  • Knowledge management

Add to everything mentioned above, IT project management consulting involves a very non-digital ability known as resilience. With all this change, upheaval, and digital-ness, the capacity to weather the job’s ups and downs will be critical. 

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