5 key benefits of remote staffing

As we end the first quarter of 2021, businesses have realized that reaping the advantages of remote employment is a must. Higher productivity coupled with speed and reducing cost are a few of the components that influence remote staffing services. Although certain difficulties can indeed be faced when operating with a team of remote partners. This type of project management is often hugely advantageous – even considering all possible issues.

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How’s that, you ask? Isn’t there just more coordination problems, higher costs, more control difficulties… basically more? Ok, no, we can debunk many of these “myths,” and we think we’ve already done a decent job in that article. Even though you couldn’t refute them, that also means more positive things, not just the nasty stuff. 

Think about it – greater flexibility; the ability to scale when you need it and when you’re ready for it; a lot more redundancy, a luxury you don’t have when managing a project solely in-house; lightning-fast acquisition and onboarding; the ability to acquire exactly the kind of expertise that your current project demands, and perhaps even skills that you don’t even know will need later. 

All this adds to the main benefit of remote staffing services, i.e., the ability to manage the ever-changing landscape of digital projects and/or organizations more smoothly. 

1. Scalability 

If a company cannot expand or scale, it will never be completely competitive on a wider scale. On the other hand, successful scaling can be difficult in a rapidly changing digital world with a fluid scope of work. 

This is why, as the need to scale occurs, remote staffing companies can serve as a good match. Recruiting and handling in-house staff, as well as managing all of their salaries, is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Although this leads to success, it does not allow you to scale your company. 

Of course, there’s the risk that you won’t be able to locate a full-time employee who lives close enough to join your on-site staff. With the increasing demand for professional developers, this is a problem you’ll almost certainly have to solve if you haven’t already. 

2. Redundancy 

When you have an entirely in-house squad, downtime stymies your development and growth even more than you might think. Not only do you have less work and, as a result, less money, but you also have all of these workers on the payroll who were critical to previous ventures. This essentially means that the expense is doubled with little profit. If you plan to fire someone because there isn’t enough work, you’ll incur additional costs. And if an employee voluntarily resigns, the procedure is not instant, and they continue to receive their paycheck before leaving. 

This is a different – and more expensive – tale when an employee has been resigned, especially if the reason for that is “not enough work” (after all, it is not and cannot be her fault that you do not work for the employer). Besides their continuing income, all the expenses involved with their severance are still included. 

3. Flexibility 

If something happens with the original rental, you can rely on remote staffing services to provide the required substitutes. In the sense of versatility, though, the big advantage of remote hiring really goes beyond a particular project. In the overview, we already spoke about the rapidly evolving and often difficult digital sphere to traverse. 

A remote staffing agency approach encourages you to be agile concerning this project and your own workflow to handle this changing world of emerging technology easily. 

This ensures that the uptimes are not so hectic, while the down periods do not devastate your company’s growth. You will adjust to industry demands and stay abreast of new and evolving developments either by not focusing too much on HR or thanks to the varied know-how of your remote engineers (or, most likely, both). 

4. Faster acquisition 

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of such an agreement is the relationship’s long-term viability. If you’ve established a good working relationship with an organization, it’ll be much smoother and quicker to hire more developers from a reliable source that you know can provide the best profiles for your needs. 

The onboarding of newly recruited developers and their transition into your current team is another time-saving benefit of remote staffing. The new hires must go through an in-house orientation and training project to learn about all of the company’s most up-to-date technologies and activities. 

Our highly experienced production leaders perform this onboarding and play a key role in choosing the best person as a part of remote staffing services. They’re able to make educated decisions easily and effectively because they’ve acted as mentors. 

5. Specific yet diversified expertise 

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After working on several projects for a variety of foreign customers, expandFORCE’s developers are not only familiar with the unique skills a client’s project requires, but they are also possibly familiar with many more unusual situations. 

This encourages them to find answers quickly in similar circumstances. But just because they run into a new challenge doesn’t mean they’ll get stuck in a rut and waste time. They’ll be able to tackle new problems with a rational and creative mindset thanks to the accessible and solution-oriented mindset they’ve developed. Even when only recruiting one or two developers, our clients profit from our entire team’s experience. This way, they get much more value for their money, resulting in a much higher ROI, particularly when all of the cost savings listed in the previous point are factored in. 

Now that we’ve delved deeper into and remote staffing benefits, we can see how interconnected they all are. However, some we haven’t addressed explicitly, such as the fact that remote staff’s fast recruitment provides a lot of flexibility due to lower overhead costs and an ultra-scaling process enabled by remote staffing companies. 

As a consequence, it appears that we have returned to and reiterated an argument we made in the introduction: all of these unique benefits enable you to better cope with both rapidly evolving digital space by allowing you to keep up with its evolution, stand out among the competition, and secure larger projects while saving money.

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