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If there’s one definite way that businesses can grow in today’s time, then it has to be about going global. And when you make efforts to break borders, you are exposed to a crowded marketplace with many competitors, and each wrestles heavily using marketing tactics and technology to gain customer attention. The goal is to create brand loyalty by delivering consistent results and providing them the opportunity to hang out more with your brand without being swayed by the other offers of competitors.

Team Player

This is when you’ll need the outsourcing expert company, and that’s precisely what we at expandFORCE do.  Team of trained, certified engineers can take over your crucial business process like customer support and ensures providing top-notch customer journey that they keep coming for more. Hiring a dedicated customer support team would mean going through the hiring process, including vetting each resume and conducting rounds of interviews. This will incur costs and especially a pool of resources to carry out related tasks. Instead, you can spare yourself from such expenses and rather opt for a smarter move by hiring experts at expandFORCE who have proven experience in providing global IT support services.

Now, going global would mean overcoming language barriers and still providing required services that can promote your business better. Interacting with customers would mean taking your brand values to your users and thereby offering them the unmatched experience. Providing expert outsourcing services in the USA has enabled us to reach farther in the global markets with our teams dealing with customers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Offering your customers with 24/7 availability is critical to ensure reliability. Therefore, our teams are strategically located in India, Philippines, and the USA, providing round the clock uptime to your business. Let your users know that you care, and we will handle the rest. Being the IT service provider, we understand the levels of complexity involved in scaling up globally. And that’s why we keep ourselves agile when it comes to furnishing customer-facing tasks. It is ideal for someone to handhold the customer as they go about fixing their DIY.

We are also offering a live chat option for quick fixes and helping customers seamlessly navigate their issues within their comforts. The key is to provide a rather wholesome dimension to a conventional customer-seller relationship. And to deliver that, you’ll need a cloud solution provider who assures to remain online, all days, for your customers. expandFORCE provides you with a dedicated technologically-able customer support team having access to crucial customer data and provide the same services that you’d otherwise provide while operating from your office space. The difference here is that you don’t need to invest in the technology necessary for customer retention when operating from their office. This is possible for us through virtual assistance that is based on our pre-defined cloud platforms. With such technology in place, you can access the customer support services from anywhere in the world, and still, there are no compromises in assistance.

The IT support services companies have to live up to your customers’ expectations without revealing their identity. And it must ensure that there are right tools in place, including the use of time management software. We have this sorted from our side, especially with a trained team who knows how to organize their services better. You can also have access to his or share a few tutorials with your current team to train them on how to organize their work time better. Our tools can redefine the way how you’ve been providing customer support. We can keep a tap on how much time is invested in each customer and record our team’s performance to gauge the services better.

Leading team

Consider the expandFORCE team as yours, albeit with remote customer services, allowing you to run business operations globally.  You can stay connected with your offshore team and blend it with your in-house team to offer top-notch customer services that drive unmatched experience. You can have an online meeting or dedicated communication channel to stay updated with customer support metrics that can help you make data-backed decisions.

The performance metrics are best served when planning to go global and remain active in deciphering performance metrics. The key differentiator here is to provide live updates of any customer inputs and quickly escalate significant issues to avoid prospective roadblocks. Our team is best at delivering reliable performance metrics that can help you track team performance even when you are using it for remote business.

Customer demands are increasing, and when you take your business to a global scale, you’d want to create a difference in providing support. Try outsourcing the entire customer support department to experts who can blend experience with technology to provide offshore IT support services. Do not let the customer experience on fate and instead, trust the team expandFORCE who is equipped with resources and technology.

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