Your Team. Your Terms: How ExpandForce Makes a Difference

The scope and complexity of the IT world today mean fulfilling the increasing demands of consumers. The challenge to produce results has never been the same. As these situations become more demanding, our business customers are putting up high-quality assistance and being efficient. And one way how ExpandForce does this is by enabling offshore staff augmentation services for clients. With that, you will be getting the much-sought professional support based on your short and long-term needs, either as a dedicated resource hiring or as a team on fixed support costs.

You can then choose to leverage cloud computing experts’ skills while also fulfilling your need for custom software development without hiring a single resource. It is done by subcontracting the talent through ExpandForce as we boast decade-long experience in recruiting and utilizing resources for the best projects.

For example, if you have a project which must be done on time, you may need additional staff for a short time. The increase in staff will help you secure the necessary skilled personnel on a contractual basis.

Redefine your Team with a Purpose

When you want to leverage the power of offshore expertise, you will need to identify the pain areas and define where you will out the augmented resources. This can be done in the following way;

#1. Identify existing skill gap

As an organization, you should discover the skill gap it faces and contacts outsourced specialists (or tells its trusted provider of this void) to identify and recruit the programmers it wants.

#2. Onboarding of recruited staff

When the required specialists have been identified and hired by the enterprise, they undergo the onboarding process to get to know the in-house team, learn about core technical concepts, and integrate into the customer’s working environment. It would be best if you were prepared for such formal processes if you could hire on-site resources.

#3. Nurturing of augmented staff

This phase takes as long as the increased employees work for the company. This includes continuous research and team growth to benefit its in-house team’s remaining productive assets and provide their projects with exceptional value.


If the client hires a team with Project Management, then we turn this into managed services. For instance, you are looking for a managed IT staff in the USA. Then we tailor this model for you to give a readymade team that hardly needs an introduction and training to kickstart there.

Few benefits of defining your team are;

  • Cost-effectiveness  You will not be paying for the full-time staff, nor will you have any contract. This means you will save a lot if you need short-term staffing solutions.
  • Turnover Problem Solution – If you are looking to hire senior-level tech staff like a Cybersecurity consultant in the USA, then a steady workload is tough to come by. Keep them occupied is tricky as you end up paying full-time for a job that doesn’t require full-day work. In such cases, we provide you with top experts that resolve your turnover problem.
  • Enabling Flexibility – You can choose to close the skill gap by hiring experienced resources through staff augmentation services by ExpandForce. It frees you from hiring a high-end specialist only for a project that often ends up providing them full-time commitment.

Fool proofing with NDA and Intellectual Property Protection

To guarantee your intellectual property rights protection, we ensure that your offshore staff signs a non-disclosure agreement. The remote developers will also access the sensitive details, and enforcing security is a must. Working with ExpandForce will mean prioritizing your data security.

We remain the employers of your IT developers.

No matter how long you have been working with remote developers, we remain the official employer and take care of them when you choose to hire us. Yes, it is our responsibility. Therefore, there’s no need for you to define the areas of responsibility as our contract will include the same—even things like paid holidays, day-offs, etc.

Transparent monthly fee

Through the developer of the outsourcing company, you will pay a flat monthly fee. The fee also includes the developer’s actual salary and the service commission of the company. You may take a quick look at our math when you are bound to save more on hiring IT support services in Florida and elsewhere in the US.

Choose Projects having a Fixed Deadline.

Opting for staff augmentation best serves the purpose of none-off projects. This sort of option is most viable if you are looking for software development services and related IT services. Choose our expert hiring services that require closing the projects on deadline. You define the sprints, goals, and project timeline, and we will provide you with the right, efficient resources to get the job done.

Time and again, we have empowered small and medium businesses with top IT management and staffing services. Our IT staff augmentation provides companies with several benefits: a fast recruitment cycle, lower development costs, less legal hassles, higher flexibility, sustained authority, and many more.

Suppose you’re the IT company’s sole owner and looking to experience the team’s power without running too many overheads and responsibilities. Talk to us, and we can help you get started.

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