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Pandemic-Proofing Learning and Development for Professional Services Firms

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented shifts in customer behavior, as they have transformed their everyday habits – often for the first time – into online or smartphone-induced activities to follow the...

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How can CloudShore make things happen for enterprises?

The missing piece in any puzzle of a business that is aiming to grow fast is the expertise. Sadly, it costs the company to recruit and train talents in-house and to nurture those resources to produce the desire...

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5 Ways How Businesses Drive Growth with CloudShore

The main growth factor that every business need is expertise. Unfortunately, this is expensive because the company needs to partner with, train, and foster these tools to produce desired results. Businesses und...

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Everything you always wanted to know about IT CloudShoring

The term ‘Outsourcing’ is often associated with offloading business activities to third-party. Usually, the outsourcing will happen as a part of a collaboration between two companies, typically from...

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5 proven Techniques for IT Risk Mitigation in Enterprise

You would have heard it before: never put all your eggs in one basket. The same applies to your IT eggs when you invest in technology with a one-dimensional outlook. The narrative continues like this; one IT st...

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5 Ways to get the best out of our Professional IT CloudShoring

Running a successful business will demand a lot of time and money. One of the primary duties of business leaders is to manage their staff efficiently. But choosing to outsource some of the jobs at a lower cost ...

Transforming from traditional Outsourcing to expandFORCE's CloudShore
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Transforming from traditional Outsourcing to expandFORCE’s CloudShore

The modern world is connected in such a way that outsourcing Has become the norm. Managers would need to do adequate research to develop the right partner who can achieve organizational goals. There are times w...

Business leaders need to unite people and technology to reimagine their operations.
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Business Leaders need to Unite People and Technology to Reimagine their Operations

Businesses are reconsidering technology’s role by revisiting the conventional operating models and organizational frameworks through the effect of technology on their strategy, decision-making, and value-...

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Enabling businesses to kickstart transformation journey with CloudShore

The best part about technology is that it allows managers to choose the best option that suits their offerings. Recent cross-functional synergies and tools are quite useful for the business, especially when it ...

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Implementing and running necessary tools for Continuous Delivery in DevOps

Continuous delivery and DevOps will require a dedicated team. They are responsible for following the set of operating principles and collection practices. The goal is to enable application development teams to ...