Transforming from traditional Outsourcing to expandFORCE's CloudShore
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Transforming from traditional Outsourcing to expandFORCE’s CloudShore

The modern world is connected in such a way that outsourcing Has become the norm. Managers would need to do adequate research to develop the right partner who can achieve organizational goals. There are times w...

Business leaders need to unite people and technology to reimagine their operations.
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Business Leaders need to Unite People and Technology to Reimagine their Operations

Businesses are reconsidering technology’s role by revisiting the conventional operating models and organizational frameworks through the effect of technology on their strategy, decision-making, and value-...

6 Nov
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Achieving High Performance through CloudShoring

Regardless of the size and business sector, global businesses rely on business applications to control markets, redefine supply chains, drive operations, and sustain client relationships and report to sharehold...

23 Oct 2020
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We Follow your Preferences – from Tools, Policies, Processes, and Methodologies up to Company Culture and Style.

IT managers entering into IT and cloudshoring agreements benefit from several advantages, including cost savings, variable capability, and reduced IT management time. However, outsourcing only works if both the...

26 Oct
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Stay Ahead of the Game with expandFORCE Help Desk Support Services

An enterprise’s best friend is technology. One way to stay efficient and leverage the best of the technology includes having an IT support desk or assistance desk that provides a single point of contact. ...

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How CloudShoring Helps Businesses Grow During Challenging Times

Evolving businesses are adopting to the norm of outsourcing as a way of conducting business operations. There are many advantages to doing it as it continues to remain an appealing option for small and medium b...

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We build bridges, not walls— our Engineers Work as part of your cross-border Organization while we take care of all Supportive Services.

Business growth encourages competition, which causes service providers to pay more attention to the quality of service. And while the organization has evolved dramatically in recent years in terms of market and...

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Drive your strategy, deliver your project, and build your team!

The COVID 19 pandemic created a striking economic effect, and the crisis also significantly affected the way people choose to cloudshore their tasks. The new normal that people are living off late is increasing...