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Enabling Customers Maximize the Value of Cloud Infrastructure with CloudShoring

With cloud computing proliferating in business IT, CIOs need to concentrate on various aspects of cloud computing that will impact their adoption by 2020. The new paradigm for enterprise IT is cloud computing. ...

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5 Ways to get the best out of our Professional IT CloudShoring

Running a successful business will demand a lot of time and money. One of the primary duties of business leaders is to manage their staff efficiently. But choosing to outsource some of the jobs at a lower cost ...

Business leaders need to unite people and technology to reimagine their operations.
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Business Leaders need to Unite People and Technology to Reimagine their Operations

Businesses are reconsidering technology’s role by revisiting the conventional operating models and organizational frameworks through the effect of technology on their strategy, decision-making, and value-...

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How ExpandFORCE Ensured Global Business Operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Up came the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic just around the end of the first quarter, and businesses were clueless about the response. Most of them were rendered clueless. Their offshore service providers were not...

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Hiring ExpandForce Services: It’s like having your own IT department

Managing an in-house IT department can get quite overwhelming for some businesses, especially when their core domain of offering is different. Most employees tend to believe that ‘outsourcing’ may p...