Cloud Computing Experts


Who are Cloud Computing Experts?

Cloud computing experts enable small and medium businesses to have access to enterprise-class technologies without investing heavily in any on-demand solutions. ExpandForce has the team of cloud computing experts providing turnkey cloud services like core IT platform design & management, server management, networking and other cloud computing solutions

Cloud Experts


Cloud Experts
Client Satisfaction


Client Satisfaction
Cloud Projects Completed


Cloud Projects Completed
Expert Assistance


Expert Assistance

ExpandForce offers cloud computing experts to help you scale your business. Get to Cloud

Cloud Computing Services

A Bouquet of Cloud Computing Services

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    Amazon Web Services

    Leverage the vast ecosystem of AWS partners and adding new features that keep piling on frequently to ensure enabling the best cloud infrastructure for your business.

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    Hire the finest of cloud technology experts to get things done for your business and blend in our cloud experts having nimble hands and experienced minds.

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    Private Cloud

    Enable scalability and self-service via a proprietary architecture using dedicated private cloud services offered at ExpandForce to meet business needs.

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    Hybrid IT Solutions

    Choose Hybrid cloud solutions that come with flexibility and data distribution choices that help your business adapt to computing requirements for scalability.

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    Cloud Integration

    Leverage crucial cloud app integrations to legacy and on-premise solutions that enable Saas integration with cloud services and offering reliable access methods.

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    Cloud Migration

    Our cloud migration execution range from asset valuation to current cloud architecture and even overhauling business environment to optimize department contribution.

Why ExpandForce?

Benefits of Cloud Computing experts

  • Enable Savings

    Eliminate the up-front investments of expensive data servers and centers as ExpandForce cloud options offer ‘pay what you use’ model.

  • Enhanced Mobility

    Allow employees to access apps and data while being geography and device agnostic. They can take data anywhere they travel and work using their smartphones.

  • Cloud Expertise

    Have a dedicated team of cloud experts working extensively to ensure your cloud infrastructure is fully managed and taken care of 24*7.

  • Drive Efficiency

    Eliminate any IT upgrade disruptions as we ensure your business drive efficiency with cloud solutions and have services implemented within minutes.

  • Disaster Management

    If a disaster should occur, you can access your data from anywhere; your infrastructure is hosted in a state-of-the-art data center.

Get the Cloud Advantage with ExpandForce. Get started

I had a great experience with team ExpandForce. We rendered their cloud computing service to take care of smooth transition cloud installations. They are thorough experts. Highly recommended.
John H. Bedard, Jr